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MC200 - Advanced Milking Controller


  • Accurate milk yield display
  • Automatic detaching or pulsation arrest
  • Flow controlled pulsation
  • Single pneumatic (vacuum) pushbutton control
  • Alerts of kick-off, low milk
  • Easy configuration using a Palm
  • Simple installation in existing parlour
  • Easy to operate with a single pneumatic pushbutton
  • Ready for upgrade to a complete management system

MC200 Units:

  • Free flow Optic Sensor: matchbox size, accurate, highly reliable with no moving parts and no maintenance.
  • Pulsator with display - durable and reliable with only two moving parts.
  • Pneumatic pushbutton for simple operation.
  • Double Valve - based on the pusator design with common parts.

Other information:

  • Reduces up to 25% of Milking Time
  • Eliminates Over-Milking and Teat Irritation
  • Improves Operator's Welfare
  • First Step to a Complete Management System

Download brochure - mc200

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